Beautiful Children, Beautiful Play

Published January 28, 2012 by Malena
Child 1

Image by Tony Trần via Flickr

Children are working on their newspaper, which is about news on their classroom learning. I gave the children a collection of black and white prints of their class work. In a kindergarten setting it is difficult to document the work children do because often it is not done on paper. It is hands on, and I took photographs of their play and other hands on activities. The children chose the photos they liked, glued them on the paper, and talked about what they did.

The children could place the pictures in categories. For example, all the pictures about our museum visit, and create a page about it. Photos about their friends, their math learning and so on. They decided how to lay the pictures out on the page and wrote the title of the article. For example, Fiona’s Friend Page.

Furthermore, the children liked to dress up in their roles as reporters. For example, they wore hats, scarves, and hand bags, using dress-up clothes. Nearby, at the office, we hear the secretary making tea, typing up letters, answering phone calls, etc.

At another place of the room, is home. The children read books, play with dolls and blocks, puzzles and games! Children become more aware of how they learn by communicating. They use facial expressions, body language, voice expressions. Through play they learn what’s polite, how an angry voice sounds, and explore feelings. Play is like practicing for life, and children feel comfortable with ‘making mistakes’. This is how they learn, and this prompts them to ask questions such as why things happen and how they work.

We joined our pages and made a newspaper about our learning. As part of our next topic we opened up our own museum. Parents brought antique things from home, and we explored the concept of old and new. We joined the idea of the newspaper and time going by, as we looked back at what we did. We compared this to what we were doing in the present and our plans for the future. This helped the children understand the abstract idea of time.

Children drew the things they liked the most from our museum and were free to ask questions. They acted out the tour guides for parents and other visitors. The topic of museum also led nicely to asking questions about grandparents, their belongings, their stories and the games they played. We included all our learning in our newspaper and read it together as a class.

I will post more ideas on communication and technology in the classroom soon.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to impressions and comments.

Maria Grujicic (Malena)

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  • Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Your blog sounds fun. My kids would love to play newspaper and create their own, It looks like you tried to leave a comment. but it didn’t go through. I’d love for you to come back and visit any time.

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